Exercises Passive(ingilizce pasif çatı alıştırmalar)

1.- Underline the most suitable verb form in each sentence :
Their new house hasn’t been finished/ wasn’t finished yet
The robbers were arrested/ have been arrested as soon as they left the bank
Sue told us her baby is born / had been born two weeks earlier than I expected
If there is too much snow, the match has been cancelled / will be cancelled
By the time we got there. The rain had stopped/ had been stopped
When were you told / have you been told about the new rules?
The wining horse has ridden / was ridding by Pat
I looked again for the old man, but he was vanished/ had vanished
I don’t think that you will be asked / are being asked to show your passport
2.- Put each verbs in brackets in a suitable passible form
I’m sorry Madam but this carpet (already sell)
The old house on the corner (known down)
When exactly (John give) his prize?
Most people agree that America (not discover) by Cristophor Columbus
All complains about products (deal with)
Police confirmed that the murder weapon (since discover) in a nearby lake
It (announce) yesterday that the goverment has decided not to raise income tax
I don’t belive that this play (write) by Shakespeare
Anna really likes (invite) to dinner parties
3.- Rewritte this sentence in the passive where is possible
I really like this hotel
Jane won the poetry competiton
Peter’s new car cost over 20.000 euros
Martin’s always wears casual clothes
One of our visitors lost this cigarrettes lighter
They haven’t decided the exam time of the match yet
Most of the guest had left the hotle by midday
Some parents read to their children every night
People ate most of the food at the party
4.- Complete the second sentence so that it has similar meaning to the first sentence
Last thursday we appointed a new marketing manager
Smith ltd are supplying our company with furniture
William the conqueror built the castle in the 11 century
No decision has yet been made
People belives that someone murdered Jenkins
Your hair needs cutting
No one has seen Peter since the day of the party
We put up a notice about the rip on the notice board yesterday
5. – Put verb in brackets into a suitable verb form
Last week I _________________ (walk ) home after playing tennis when it _________(start) rainning very heavily . Oh no! I ____________ (get) soaked before I ______________ (reach) home , I thought. I wish I _____________ (remember) to bring my rain coat. But unfortunately I _____________________ (left) it at home. How stupid of me! I’m _________________ ( always forget) to bring it withme. Luckly just then a friend of mine passed in her car and offered me a lif)___________________(you go) home. She ask, or _________________ (you want) to go for a drink?, I think I’d rather __________________ (take) me home. I said if I ______________ (not change) my clothes, I know I__________________ (fall) ill and then I _______________ (not be able) to play in the tennis tournement next week. And I _________________(practice) hard for the last month. I __________(wait) for you to change if you ______ (like) . I think it’s time you _____________ (relax) for a change. You_________________ (worry) too much about thing lately . And people who ________________ (worry) too much _____________ (fall) ill more easily .
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