Must, should = ought to, have to /has to Þ -melisin

Must, should = ought to, have to /has to Þ -melisin
* You must wear your shoes when you g oto a wedding
(Bir düğüne gittiğinde ayakkabılarını giymelisin)
* You look ill. You should see a doctor.
* You are a student. You have to wear a five at school.
Not: “Have to” da mecburiyet vardır.
“Must” taki mecburiyet azdır.
“Should” da öğüt vardır.
Mustn’t, shouldn’t = ought not to, don’t have to /doesn’t have to Þ -mamalısın
* You mustn’t drive very fast
* You shouldn’t drink cold water a lot.
doesn’t have to / don’t have to = needn’t = dont/doesn’t need to Þ -mak zorunda değilsin
* You don’t have to get up on sundays.
* When you join the army, you have to wear a uniform.
* When the lights are red for you, you mustn’t drive on.
* If you want to be healthy, you should eat a lot of fruit.
* You don’t have to get your book. We don’t use any boks at this course
* A: Is it cold outside? Must I wear my coat?
B: No, you needn’t wear it. The weather is quite warm.
* When you live in Turkey, you don’t need to obey, traffic rules. Nobady cares for it.
Not: “Needn’t” konuşma anında. “Don’t need to” is e genel anda kullanılır.
1. People should visit a doctor at least once two years.
2. You have to wash your hands! They are very drity.
3. Do you want met o help you vash the dishes ?
No, you needn’t do that. I can do it later.
4. Students don’t need to g oto school on holiday.
5. That part of the sea is very deep! You mustn’t swim here.
6. A teacher has to know what he tells very well.
7. You mustn’t watch TV when you have an important exam.
8. Studnets have to pass an exam to enter a unıversty.
* It is raining so you must take an umbrella.
Not: So, thas, hence, therefore ð Bu yüzden
To, in order to, so as to ð -mek / -mak için
Not to, in order not to, so as not to ð-mamak için
* You have to have an entry card to enter unıversity
* You don’t need to wear a tea in England to teach
* You mustn’t drive your car fast not to be panishes(cezalandırma).
(Cezalandırılmamak için arabanızı hızlı sürmemelisin)
* O geç kalmamak için koşmak zorunda
He must run not to be late.
* Kalmamak için çalışmalısın.
You must study not to fail

* She drank tea to feel better (daha iyi hissetmek)
in order to
so as to
* She didn’t shout at him not to upset him (Onu üzmemek için ona bağırmamalısın)
in order not to
so as not to
Not: So as to, to, in order to ‘dan sonra he, she, it gelmez. V1 gelmek zorundadır.
Not: “am/ is/ are to “ da –meli anlamı verir.
* You are to wait outside until the menager calls your.
* I am to help my mother with the housework after school
(Okuldan geldikten sonra ev işlerinde anneme yardım etmek zorundayım)
* T.Çiller is to come to K.Maraş tomorrow.
Not: Çiller yarın Maraş’a gelecek. Buradaki “is to” farklıdır. “is going to” nun yerine gelmiştir.
Not: am / is / are supposed to ð -meli, -malı
* You are supposed to be in your class now.
Not: be supposed toð sanılıyor, düşünülüyor.
* We don’t now where Ali is but he is supposed to be in Bursa
Not: Have to, has to bazen have got to, has got to şeklinde olabilir.
Have got to ð Konuşma anında kullanılır.
Not: am / is / are not to ð be not to
* I will have to go (Gitmek zorundayım)
Geçmiş Zaman
ð had to
* She had to get up early so she went to bed early (Erken kalkmak zorundaydı bu yüzden erken yattı)
Gelecek Zaman
ð will have to
* You have to cook when you marry
Present Perfect
ð Have /has had to +V1
* Since I came from school, I have had to study.
* My mother had to wash the dishes. (Annem bulaşıkları yıkamak zorundaydı)
Not: had to Î didn’t have to ð Gerek yoktu yapmadım
Will have to Î Won’t have to
* I didn’t have to wear ties at school
(Okulda kravat takmak zorunda değildim bu yüzden takmadım)
* You won’t have to work if you marry a rich man
(Eğer zengin biriyle evlanirsen çalışmak zorunda olmayacaksın)
* When I was in the army, we had to obey the rules it was so difficult. (Askerdeyken emirlere uymak zorundaydım)
* You will have to learn a lot more about models next lesson
* Student didn’t have to learn Englısh in classes 4 and 5 in Primary school ten years age
* A person has to get a passport if he wants to travel abroad.
* You don’t have to came to this course if you don’t need Englısh,

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