English Lesson 11 EXPRESSIONS +Ing

When these expressions are follwed by a verb , the verb ends in -ing
It’s no use…/It’s not good…
There’s nothing you can do about the situation, so, it’s no use worrying about it
It’s not good trying to persuade me. You won’t succeded
There’s no point in …
There’s no point in hving a car if you never use it
There was no point in waiting any longer, so we went
It’s (not) worth… :
I live only a short walk from here, so it’s not worth taking a taxi
It was so late when we got home , it wasn’t worth going to bed
You can say ‘afilm is woth seeing’ ‘a book is worth reading’etc.
What was the film like ? Was it worth seeing ?
I don’t think newspapers are worth reading
Have difficulty-ing
We say ‘have dificulty doing something’ (not to do) ‘
I had difficulty finding a place to live (not I had difficulty to find)
Did you have any difficulty getting a visa?
People often have great difficulty reading my writting
We usually say ‘have difficulty’ (not have difficulties)
I’m sure you will have no difficulty passing the exam (not have no difficulties)
We use -ing after :
A waste of money … / a waste of time… (to… is also posible) :
It was a waste of time reading that book, It was rubbish
It was a waste of money buying things you don’t need
Spend/ waste (time) …
He spent hours trying to repair the clock
I waste a lot of time daydreaming www.teknolojiweb.net
be(busy) …
She said she culdn’t see me. She was to busy doing other things
Go swiming/ Go fishing, etc
We use go-ing for a number of activities (especially sports). For example, you can say :
Go swiming/go sailing/ go fishing/ go climbing/ go skiing/ go jogginmg, etc.
I’d like to go skiing
I ve never been sailing
You can also say ‘come swimming/ ‘come skiing, etc.
Why don’t you come swimming with us?
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