English Lesson 12 -ING CLAUSES

A clause is a part of a sentence. Some sentences have two or more clauses:
main clause -ing clause
Jim hurst his arm playing tennis
-ing clause main clause
Feeling tired , I went to bed earlier
‘playing tennis is a -ing clause’.
If the -ing clause is first (as in the second example) , we write a coma (,) between the clauses.
When two things happen at the same time, you can use -ing for one of the verbs. The main clause usually comes first:
I’ve just seen Carol. She’s in the bar having a drink (=she is in the bar and she is having a drink)
A man ran out of the house shouting (=He ran out of the house and he was shouting)
Do something! Don’t just stand there doing nothing!
We also use -ing when one action happens during another action.We use -ing for the longer action. The longer action is the second part of the sentence :
Jim hurt his arm playing tennis (=while he was playing)
Did you cut yourself shaving? (=while you were shaving)
You can also use -ing after while or when :
Jim hurt his arm while playing tennis
Be careful when crossing the road (=when you ‘re crossing)
When one action happens before another action , we use having (done) for the first action:
Having found a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner
Having finished her work, she went home
You can also say after -ing :
After finishing her work, she went home
If one short action follows another short action, you can use the simple -ing form (doing isntead of having done) for the first action :
Taking a key out of this pocket , he opened the door
These structures are used more in written English than in spoken English
You can use an -ing clause to explain something or to say why somebody does something. The -ing clause usually comes first: www.teknolojiweb.net
Feeling tired , I went to bed early (=because I felt tired)
Being unemployed , he hasn’t got much money (=because he is unemployed)
Not having a car, she finds it difficult to get around (=because she doesn’t have a car)
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