English Lesson 13 QUESTION TAGS

Sometimes a simple statement is too short and does not help the conversation to develop in a friednly way
You’re Spanish
To know would be – Aren’t you ?
Tag are formed using auxiliares (do, be have, or a modal verb)
Marta lives here. Doesn’t she?
You left earlier. Didn’t you ?
Jack was born in Italy. Wasn’t he?
You will help me . Won’t you ?
Someone’s got to pay. Haven’t they ?
A positive statement has a negative tag and expect the answer yes
You agree with me, don’t you ? Yes, I do
Mary will ve here soon. Won’t she?
There was a lot of trafic. Wasn’t there ?
Jim should pass the exam. Shouldn’t he?
A negative statemetn has a positive tag. And expect the answer no
You don’t take sugar. Do you ? No, I don’t
Mary won’t be late . Will she ?
They don’t like us. Do they ?
It is possible for a positive tag to follow a positive statement, to express interest or ask for confirmation. This is less common
So, you like working here , do you ?
Tags with will and won’t can be used after imperatives
Don’t drive too fast, will you ?
Let’s has a tag formed with Shall
Let’s have a drink . Shall we?
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