1.- Circle the correct underline word
If the machine stops/ will stop you press/ will press this button
If you help/ helped me with this exercice, I will / would do the same for you one day
According to the time table . If the train leaves/ left on time, we will/ would arrive at 5.30
If it is /will be fine tomorrow, we go/will go to the coast
If we find/ found a taxi, we will get/ would get there before the play stars
It’s quiet simple really. If you take / will take/took these tablets evry day, then you lose/ will lose/lost would lose weight
I don’t know how to play baseball, but I’m sure that if I will do / did, I play/ will play / would play a lot better that anyone in this awful team
2.- Circle the correct underline word
Why didn’t you tell me? If you told/ had told me, I had helped / would have helped you
If Bill didn’t steal / hadn’t stolen the car. He wasnt’ / wouldn’t be / hadn’t been in prision now
If Ann wasn’t driving/ didint drive/ hadn’t driven so fast, her car didn’t crash/ wouldn’t crash/ wouldn’t have crashed into a tree
Let me give you some advice, If you smoked / would smoke/ had smoked less/ , you didn’t feel / wouldn’t feel / wouldn’t have felt so tired
What back luck! If Alan didn’t fall/ hadn’t fallen/ wouldn’t fall over, he won / would win / would have won the race
If you invited / had invited me last week , I was able / had been able / would have been able / to come.
I’m sure your letter hasn’t arrived yet, if It come / had come / I’m sure I noticed / had noticed / would have noticed it
We have a suggestion to make. How do you feel / Would you feel/ If we offered / would offer/ had offered you the job of assistant manager
If you lent / had lent us the money we paid / would pay / had paid you back next week
3.- Put the verbs in branckets into a suitable verb form .
Why didn’t you phone If I (know) ___________________ you were coming. I ( meet) ________________ you at the airport
It’s a pitty you missed the party. If you (come) ____________________ you (meet) my friends from Hungary
If we (have) ______________ some tools we (be able) ____________________ to repair the car, but we haven’t got any with us
If you (not help) _______________________ me I ( not pass) _________________________ the exam
It’s a beautiful house, and I (buy) ___________________ it if I (have) _____________ the money
I can’t imagine what I (do) ________________with the money if I (win) ______________the lottery
If Claire (Listen) __________________ to her mother, she (not marry) _____________________David in first place
4.- Rewritte the sentence :
Example :
I didn’t have an umbrella with me and so I got wet
I wouldn’t have got wet If I ‘d had an umbrella with me
I’ll call the police if you don’t leave me alone
In the snowy weather we don’t go to school
Without Jack’s help , I wouldn’t have been able to make the table
If Jack
Make me some coffee, and I’ll give you one of my biscuits
If you
If you hadn’t told me about Sue’s ahir I wouldn’t have noticed
I wouldn’t accept if you asked me to marry you !
If you
5.- Complete these sentences with an appropiate verb/ modal verb (think about the verb tense)
If you melt ice, you _____________________________________ water
If you practice English every day, you ________________________ get beter
If I had brought my camera we _______________________ have taken great photos
If I ______________________ (live) in a desert, I would be very thirsty
If I pass this test, I ___________________________ go celebrate
6.- Circle the correct underlinde word :
She will celebrate if she passes / has passed her test
Uncle Roger wouldn’t see things very well if he did / didn’t wear his glasses
If you drink enough / would drink enough rum you get drunk
If I had played the guitar since I was little , I would be / will be a musician now
If you play with fire, you would burn/ burn yourself
He will love/ could love it if you throw a surprise birthday party for him
7.- Complete the sentence with your own words.
If I won the lottery today ……..
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