1.- Say what is correct .
There’s someone at the door . It can / must be the post man
Don’t worry you don’t have to / mustn’t pay now
I think you had better / would better take a pullover with you
John could / must be president if Smith has to resign
Sorry. I can’t stay any longer . I have to / might go
It was 5 ‘o clock one hour ago . Your watch can’t / mustn’t be right
It’s a school rule. All the pupils have to / must wear a uniform
I suppose that our team must / should win but I’m not sure
Let’s tell Diana. She could / might not know
In my opinion the goverment might /should do something about this.
2.- Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using hte word given. You must use between two and five words
I think you should give up smoking inmediately
I expect we will get there by 5.pm if there isn’t too much traffic
It is necessary for me to bring my passport?
I’m sure that the cat is in the house somewhere
An aerial is not required with the radio
I’ sure that John is not the thief
I thought that you would know better!
3.- Correct this sentence ( Each sentence has at least one error )
I may to going to Vietnam soon
You don’t should smoke when you are pregnant
The clouds are looking angry . It won’t surely rain
He’s drowning! He needs helps from somebody who can swim !
We should get a car alarm or someone must break into our car
4.- Please writte the modal verb where it should go on the probability chart.
Joe must be in texas
Joe might be in Texas
Joe will be in Texas
Joe should be in Texas
Joe can’t be in Texas
5.- Please write “C” for Certainty and “P” for possibility next to these sentences with modal verbs.
I don’t know where all my old photos are. I may have put them in the attic __________
See! I got a new bike to ride in the city . You must get a lock for that or it’ll get stolen_________
She couldn’t be going to the wedding on Saturday ecause she told me se has to work _________
If he studies hard enough. He could pass his test_________________
I might go to the Led Zeppelin reunion in concert________________
6.- Complete each sentence so that it contains might, might not , must, mustn’t , can or can’t
More than one answer maybe is possible.
Don’t stand up in the boat ! You ________ might fall in the river
Sue says she’s stuck in traffic and she ________ be late
You really _______________ start spending more time on your work
Tell Peter he________________stay the night here if he wants to
That’s a really stupid idea!You___________ be serious , surely!
You _______________ realise it , but this is very important to me
Don’t be silly . You _______________ expect me to belive you !
We’re not sure but we ______________go to Prague for Christmas this year
Me learn to fly ! You ____________be jocking!
Bill cooked the lunch , so you ________________________ expect anything special !
1.- Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence , using the word given .Do not change the word given . You must use between two and five words , including the word given
It wasn’t necessary for me to go out after all
Exemple : I needn’t have gone out after all
There was a plan for Jack to become manager .but he left
Jack________________________________________________manager ,but he left
I don’t think that Sally enjoyed her holiday
Sally ______________________________________________________enjoyed her holiday
It’s possible that Bill Saw me
Perhaps Alan didn’t mean what he said
Alan_______________________________________________________what he said
I think you were wrong to sell your bike
You ___________________________________________________________bike
2.- Rewritte each sentence so that it contains can’t , might, must, should or needn’t
I’m sure that David Took your books by mistake
It was a mistake to park outside the police station
It was unnecesary for you to clean the floor
I’m sure that Liz hasnt’ met Harry before
Ann possibily hasn’t left yet
I’m sure they haven’t eaten all the food. It’s not possible !
Jack is supposed to have arrived half an hour ago
Perhaps Pam and Tim decided not to come
I think it was the cat that took the fish from the table!
It was a waste of time worrying . After all!
· Infinitive
· Continuos form
Be able To
When is not possible to use Can
I’d like to be able to swim
· When we’re sure or almost sure about something .
You must be tired after your long journey
· Obligation when speaker personaly feels something is important
You must start working harder
· When we’re sure or almost sure about something
That can’t be Sue! She is in Brazil
Had better
· Strong advice about how to stop something going wrong . Present or future
I think you had better leave now
· Uncertaintly or possibility
John could be president if Smith has to resign
Should / ought to
· When we expect that something will happen
Brenda should be home by now
· What is the best thing to do : to give someone advice, opinion, political instructions.
Have to
· Obligation. When the situatioins make something necessary
You have to turn left here ( is the law)
· Something is prohibited
Don’t have to
· Something that is not necessary
· General past ability
When I was young I could run very fast
Was able to
· To talk about an specific past action
Lucky Mary was able to help us
Must have
· To make logical deductions about past actions.
I must have left my wallet is the car
Can’t have
· To make logical deductions about past actions
Jim can’t have noticed you
May/ might / have could
· Possibility or uncertaintly about past actions
John might have missed the train
You could had been killed ( it was a possiblity )
Was/Were to have
· Describes something wich was supposed to happen
He was to have left yesterday
Had to
· Obligation. Must not have past form
Sorry . I’m late . I had to take the children to school
Should have / ought have
· Express the feeling that a mistake was made. Criticism
I should had posted this letter yesterday
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